Time to get serious… Goddamn those prequels sucked

A serious topic now. The Star Wars prequels. Nerd rage!

If you’re not a complete idiot, if you have even the slightest glimmer of taste, and if you understand anything about films, then you should hate the Star Wars prequels (and your name certainly wouldn’t be George Lucas). But why exactly do you hate them? It can be hard to put your finger on exactly what it is. The painfully bad dialogue? The wooden acting? The plots that make absolutely no sense? Jar Jar Binks? George Lucas destroying everything that ignited your love of the first three?

Thankfully we have Mike Stoklasa to break it down for us. (Turns out it was all of these things, and the fact that they actually fail as films). Stoklasa, in the guise of the mass-murder Harry Plinkett, has meticulously analysed each of the films, in great length, creating a video review for each that excel in every area Lucas abysmally failed. They’re extremely intelligent, witty, well shot, with interesting sub-plots, with believable characters, and most of all, they are very entertaining. In fact, they’re the best videos I’ve ever seen on Youtube and are amongst my favourite creative works of all time. I’ve watched them almost as many times as I’ve watched the Dino de Laurentiis version of Flash Gordon (a lot).

Plinkett has also reviewed a whole load of the Star Trek films (he was spot-on with the analysis of the latest JJ Abrams film) and has lots of other video goodies. Watch all of them, and have some faith restored in humanity.

You can find them on Youtube, at the RedLetterMedia page (Stoklasa’s company) and on the RedLetterMedia website. Email me and I’ll send you some Pizza Rolls.

Maybe you don’t mind the films, you don’t see what all thus fuss is about. But then you’re an idiot.

1 Response to “Time to get serious… Goddamn those prequels sucked”

  1. 1 Trace McGillicutty January 31, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    What do you think of Ep 7? I’m so embarrassed for you – now you know what a really crappy film is.

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