These goddamn lunatics

What is it with the insane? Can’t they keep it to themselves? Why do they have to come onto proper science websites and demand to see NASA’s evidence for the 2012 Apocalypse, or peddle their anti-evolution nonsense? Sometimes this kind of lunacy is fun, but it’s getting a bit out-of-hand. I’m not proposing a solution by the way, just complaining (people who work in offices say things like ‘every problem is an opportunity’, not always, you thoughtless dicks.

This may not sound like a problem really, and in the grand-scheme of science, its pretty low-down the importance list. But it is f*cking annoying.

One of the scientists at my University, Dr David Rothery, posted some interesting videos on Youtube (the video above)  from a Royal Society astrobiology conference for interested students to watch. The conference covered a wide-variety of topics from exoplanet detection to communicating with alien intelligences. Some big names where there. What I’m saying is, this was a heavy-weight scientific conference. Now, not that many people commented, these weren’t Lady Gaga videos after all, but most of the comments were along these lines:

You’re lifesaver I thought they will never release this video.

You are a true solider in this War for the Truth.

Where the hell you get this, was you there?


This whole entire conference is a charade, the UN & the U.S. already knows about the massive ET presence on planet Earth.

The U.S. has been knowing about the ET presence on Earth, the Moon(a space station), Mars & the rest of the Solar system for at least 63 years; the UN have been knowing for a couple of decades.

THERE IS a massive conspiracy going on.

Don’t be fool for second by this conference, it’s a facade

Massive ET presence on Earth? While I guess all those thousands of scientists who’ve worked for years to earn PhDs and create relatively low-paid research careers are just doing it to maintain the conspiracy then? (Spoiler, alert, they aren’t). There are loads of videos on Youtube for the alien crazies, some of the best describe the many different species in detail, gray’s, reptiles etc. It’s all nonsense of course, but I can see the deranged appeal. But why can’t they stay in their box, why bother the actual scientists?

I may sound a bit petty now. But it’s a shame that when an eminent scientist posts a scientific video on Youtube, that most of the comments are from people who have no interest in understanding the science. It’s a bit depressing really.

Still think I’m being petty and mean? You’re probably right, but check out this example. It’s the NASA astrobiology site. On part of this site NASA have kindly offered a service for the public to submit questions to NASA astrobiologists. This is a fantastic opportunity for enthusiastic amateurs to interact with top scientists. But, to-date the site has received over 2500 questions about 2012 and Nibiru. They even valiantly answered 200 of them. The saints. It’s heart-breaking. I can just imagine the good intentions of those involved, I’m sure I would see it as a chance to help people understand a marvelous area of science and potentially inspire young minds to focus on a career in science. Then they get bombarded by stupidity. It must be immensely depressing. I guess the genuine science questions provide solace.

Many other science websites are inundated by this kind of insanity. Climate change and evolution sites attract the most madness, both in terms of numbers and magnitude of individual delusion, but I spend most of my time on space and astrobiology sites, and they get their fair-share of crap, mostly from UFO fanatics. It’s a government conspiracy! The Queen is an alien!

I could write about the problem of scientific illiteracy or failures in science education. Or even about the pro’s and con’s of the internet for facilitating scientific debate. But I’m annoyed, and in a facetious mood. Besides, these lunatics don’t care about science; they care about their childish paranoid fantasies. Gits.

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