The periodic table of irrational nonsense

I’ve just discovered the blog of a brilliant sceptic called Crispian Jago (yep, that’s a pretty cool name). It’s full of wit and humour, and the best thing I’ve seen so far is a periodic table of irrational nonsense. Its brilliant. I won’t try to explain what it is, as my words won’t do it justice, I urge anyone reading this to check it out tout suite.

I don’t plan to blog much about scepticism, as I’d rather focus on the fun aspects of science and not spend my time arguing with irrational people, but I felt that I had to mention this and Crispian’s blog.  I find a lot of sceptical blogs can be a bit depressing. It’s not the blogs themselves, or their writers, it’s the fact that they point out just how irrational, and quite frankly insane, people can be. Sometimes I don’t particularly want to be reminded that vast swathes of humanity believe in such nonsense as homeopathy, astrology, creationism or that a great God in the sky created our world and that he or she actually gives a shit about each of us. It’s pure 100% bullshit and it terrifies me that people believe in this crap.

Crispian’s blog is brilliant though. He viciously takes the piss out of the lunatics with style and intelligence. I can’t stop reading it and have been spamming his posts with over-enthusiastic comments all morning.

Go and read his blog.

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